How Do I Open a Coffee Shop?

Resources, Answers and Help from Someone Who Has Been There.

How do I open a coffee shop?

It’s a question we get a lot! We have filled this page with resources to make life easier for you. No doubt you are navigating POS systems, coffee bar layouts, managing employees – even selecting music. We’ve been there. Save some time and learn from us!

What POS system should I use?

When it comes to point-of-sale, not all systems are equal.

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How should I arrange my coffee bar?

Your coffee bar layout is important both functionally and visually.

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How do I hire and schedule employees?

Your employees become the face of your coffee shop.

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What kind of espresso machine should I buy?


The one we absolutely love!

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What kind of music should I play?

This is a little more involved than you might think.

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What is a Puq Press and why do I need it?

Learn all about our favorite little gadget that makes life easier.

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What types of frozen drinks should I serve?

Don’t forget this essential piece of your menu.

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How do I make cold brew for my coffee shop?

It isn’t as complicated as you may think.

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Should I serve tea in addition to coffee?

It may seem unnecessary, but your sales will increase significantly.

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Should my menu change seasonally?

Short answer: Yes. Long answer: We give you the Barista Battle.

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Should I add catering or rental space?

How to increase your profits through alternative methods.

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How do I set my coffee shop apart?

We live in a time where there are coffee shops on almost every corner.

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How do I manage my stress level?

Running a business and being an employer can take it’s toll. Here are some tips.

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