Meet the Direct Trade Coffee Farmers

We’d like you to meet the Direct Trade Coffee Farmers behind HOPE Coffee.

HOPE Coffee exists to show the love of Jesus with people around the world.  This is evident in every part of what we do.  You already know how HOPE Coffee uses profits to fund service projects that meet physical needs for families like clean water and a safe place to live.  You know that these projects are lead by local Honduran and Mexican churches who want to serve their communities.  You also know that we love to serve our customers, and support them in not only great tasting coffee, but also in helping to teach their members, customers and families about what they can do to support missions in their daily lives.

But did you know that HOPE Coffee is serving people before the coffee bean is even ripe?  We purchase our coffee beans through a Direct Trade relationship with farmers in Honduras and Mexico, paying above the established Fair Trade rate.  We have strong, ongoing relationships that extend well beyond coffee.  Because of these relationships, we have opportunities to share the love of Jesus with their coffee pickers, as well!

With that in mind, we thought you might like to meet the farmers who grow your HOPE Coffee!

Meet Rodimiro.

Rodimiro grows the Honduran line of HOPE Coffee including Medium, Bold and Dark Roasts.  He lives in Siguatepeque, Honduras with his wife ______ and his children ________.  He…..

Meet Nelson.

Nelson grows HOPE Coffee’s Mexican Light Roast.  He lives in the Puebla region of Mexico with his wife _____ and his children.  Nelson….

As a HOPE Partner, you and your organization will receive regular updates on the impact your coffee is having around the world.  HOPE Coffee will ignite a passion for Christian missions in your home, business, church or organization.  Your daily cup of coffee can change lives!

Hundreds of Individuals, Churches, Offices, Coffee Shops and Wholesale partners across the United States are an integral part of our christian mission, simply by choosing to drink HOPE Coffee.  We hope that you will join us!

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