Building Trust in an Unbelieving Community

Camolate, Mexico – Marcos and his wife Carmen were shocked when several kind strangers rallied the community together to build them a new kitchen – one they and their four children desperately needed.

Before this kitchen project began, a man named Elpido decided that he wanted to plant a church in his unbelieving community in Camolate, Mexico. Elpido is a believer in Jesus who deeply desired to share the gospel with his neighbors. However, he knew he needed to build trust before planting a church, so he began looking for opportunities.

After meeting with Abelardo, a National Ministry Leader in Mexico, Elpido knew he wanted to do a building project through HOPE Coffee in order to meet needs and build trust in Camolate. He soon discovered that Marcos, his wife Carmen, and their four children did not have a safe, usable kitchen. God revealed the first step in building trust with these families!

Before the project began, Elpido gathered several volunteers from the community who also did not know Jesus. He knew that involving members of the community in the project would create opportunities for gospel conversations. Over the next few months, Elpido, a few of his believing friends, and the community volunteers worked hard to build this new kitchen.

Through these faithful efforts, a foundation of trust was being built right alongside the kitchen. Once the project was completed, Elpido asked Marcos and Carmen how they felt about their new kitchen. They told Elpido that in the beginning, they believed it was too good to be true. Now that it was finished, they were amazed by the love Elpido showed them! With joy, Elpido told them that this kitchen represents God’s unfathomable love for them and that they should thank Him alone.

Though Marcos and Carmen have not trusted Christ yet, this building project created opportunities to talk about Jesus. Elpido became friends with many in the community and plans to do additional projects in the future to continue to build trust and eventually plant a church.

Please pray for Elpido as he cares for the Camolate community and for Marcos and Carmen’s family and neighbors to trust in Jesus for salvation!

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