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What is HOPE Coffee?

HOPE Coffee is a Christian-owned coffee company that exists to serve high quality coffee and to share the gospel through servant-evangelism projects in Honduras and Mexico. We purchase coffee from farmers who have small plots of land and pay them higher than the market wages through a Direct Trade Relationship. The coffee is transported to the U.S. in order to share high-quality Honduran and Mexican coffee with individuals, churches, non-profits and businesses. From those purchases, 100% of our after tax profits go back to Honduras and Mexico to support the servant-evangelism projects, which allow the local Honduran and Mexican churches to share the gospel while meeting the physical needs of the Honduran and Mexican people.

What is the purpose of HOPE Coffee?

The purpose of HOPE Coffee is to share the gospel through the local church in Honduras, Mexico, and Africa. 100% of our profits go toward servant-evangelism projects in Honduras and Mexico, where national missionaries team up with the local church to use the funds to reach out to the community in order to share the gospel. The Honduran and Mexican churches share the gospel with people in their community as they work together to build homes, roofs, water storage systems and clean water filters, to name a few.  Every year many Honduran and Mexican people come to Christ through these servant evangelism projects. We also partner with Compassion Tea, who uses 100% of net profits to support medical missions throughout rural Africa through the CompassioNow Foundation.

How did HOPE Coffee start?

HOPE Coffee began in Honduras by a Camino Global missionary as a small souvenir product. When missions teams came to Honduras, many times they would want to purchase coffee to take home.  In anticipation of this, host missionaries began to purchase green coffee from local farmers, and would then roast and package it to sell, using the profits to share the gospel.  Meanwhile, several Camino Global missionaries in the United States were discussing how to use business as a means to support missions.  As a result, a team in the United States began to investigate starting the U.S.-based HOPE Coffee in 2010. With wisdom and direction from God, they were able to successfully bring the details together, and the same HOPE Coffee once found only in Honduras could now be purchased in the U.S.  Several years later, this same model expanded into Mexico, and the reach of HOPE Coffee has continued to grow with every year!

What are the servant evangelism projects?

A servant evangelism project is a service project that meets a physical need for a family while sharing the gospel message.  These projects are initiated and carried out through Honduran and Mexican churches for families in their communities.  These projects often include things like installing a roof, pouring a concrete floor, building a water storage system, receiving a clean water filter, or even building an entire home.  These projects are approved and coordinated by a HOPE Coffee National Missionary.

How are HOPE Coffee’s profits spent?

HOPE Coffee regularly invests in servant evangelism projects designed to improve the lives of families in Honduras, Mexico and rural Africa.  They include providing clean water, safe shelter and medical supplies, all while sharing about the love of Jesus.  Of course, these projects are in addition to the front-end fair prices we pay the coffee farmers who grow HOPE Coffee.  We have Direct Trade relationships with these farmers, and have established consistent, above Fair Trade level prices for their beans.

We understand the impact that our spending can have on the lives of others, and we are so grateful for organizations like yours who are intentional about how your resources are spent.  It is truly incredible how God can take something as simple as a cup of coffee and use it to change lives forever for Him.  We hope that you will prayerfully consider partnering with us in this mission!

Each year since we launched in 2011, HOPE Coffee has produced an impact report to show how we spend our profits. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

How are the funds distributed?

HOPE Coffee’s Honduran and Mexican National Missionaries oversee the entire funding process for overseas projects.  Leaders from Honduran and Mexican churches complete applications to receive funding for service projects that will enable them to bless and share the gospel with families in their community.  The National Missionaries review the applications from churches for families in need, heavily considering the best opportunities to share the gospel.  They then oversee the project, including the expenditure of funds, which is used to purchase supplies.  A team from the local church will often volunteer their time and skills to complete the project alongside the family.  As the members of the church work on the project they are able to build relationships with the family members as they share and live out the love of Christ.

How many families have been helped?

We are thankful that over 500 families have been helped since 2011.  Each year HOPE Coffee releases an Impact Report, which describes how the profits were used to serve people throughout the previous year.  To read more information about these families, check out the Impact Stories section of our website!  

Our Coffee and Tea

Where does the coffee come from?

HOPE Coffee Honduran Medium, Honduran Bold, and Honduran Dark originate from the Siguatepeque region of Honduras, while our Guatemalan Decaf roast originates from the mountains of Guatemala, and our Mexican Light roast originates from the Oaxaca and Chiapas regions of Mexico. The HOPE Coffee Espresso blend originates from Honduras and South America. HOPE Coffee uses 100% Arabica coffee beans that are cupped for quality and classified as specialty grade strictly high grown (SHG) coffee. The coffee is purchased from farmers who own small plots of land through a direct trade relationship.

At what altitude is the coffee grown?

All of our coffee is strictly high grown (SHG) at 4,000 feet or above.

Is your coffee fair trade?

Our coffee is Direct Trade. We pay more than the market price for our coffee, and we actually have a relationship with our farmers. This actually helps our farmers far more than fair trade would.  Learn more about The Difference Between Fair Trade and Direct Trade

Is your coffee organic or grown organically?

Many of the farmers from whom we buy coffee do grow their coffee organically in a shade-grown environment.  However, because many of these farms are small plots of land on the side of a mountain with other coffee farms above them, it is possible that another farmer may use non-organic practices that could wash down the mountain into the coffee plants.  For coffee to be certified organic, the coffee farm, the processing and exporting location in that country along with the storage and roasting facilities all have to follow certain practices. It is rarely economically viable for small plot farmers to join this process due to the extra labor costs and fees.  Read more about the difficulties facing many coffee farmers and how HOPE Coffee is empowering them.

In our video about the quality of HOPE Coffee, you will see that the coffee plants are shade grown.  The fruit of these coffee plants are a cherry which contains two seeds (the coffee beans) that are removed from the cherry, washed, dried and stored before being exported.  Once these beans arrive in the US, they are roasted at about 400 degrees and packaged. When that package is opened it is brewed by pouring 200 degree water over the ground coffee beans to produce a delicious cup of coffee.  Unlike many fruits and vegetables that can be consumed raw, coffee is washed, dried, cooked and boiled before being consumed. This process, according to the US National Library of Medicine removes 99.8% of any chemicals that may have been previously present.

How often are the coffee beans roasted?
Because our coffee is roasted several times a month, you can be sure that the coffee you receive is fresh and delicious!
We follow an internal freshness schedule to ensure that our coffee tastes great. Opinions of “freshness” range from 7 days to 12 months or beyond.  This article describes an intriguing balance between the ranges of freshness dates. 
If you like science, you might enjoy this podcast transcript from the Specialty Coffee Association. Their scientists determine that freshness is inconclusive and ranges from 10 days to 2 months for espresso crema and from 3 months to a year for degassing for brewed coffee.

What process does HOPE Coffee use for Decaffeination?
We believe that the reason our Guatemalan Decaf coffee tastes so good is not only because we start with high quality beans from Guatemala, but also because we use the MC Process for decaffeination.  We often hear, “This is the ONLY decaf coffee I have ever thought tasted good!”  The methylene chloride process is thought by some in the coffee industry to maintain coffee flavor better than other processes.  While the FDA regulation allows for up to 10 parts per million (ppm) of residual methylene chloride, the actual coffee-industry practices result in levels that are 100 times lower than this amount.
You can read more about the MC Decaf Process here:

How much coffee do I use to brew a pot of coffee?

When brewing a pot of coffee, consider our measurement suggestions to find the right product and amount of HOPE Coffee for your brewing equipment.  Feel free to browse our brewing guides for different brew methods that you may enjoy.

Is Compassion Tea grown organically?

Our teas are organic by default but not ‘certified’ organic. We do not discriminate farmers and growers who have been growing excellent teas for centuries but do not have ‘certification’. Our teas are definitely not GMO.

Are your coffee and tea gluten free?

Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat, barley and rye.  Coffee is a natural fruit from the coffee tree and does not contain gluten.  If you add any sweetener or flavorings in your coffee (which we don’t recommend when drinking a high quality coffee like HOPE Coffee), then you may want to check the labels of those products to see if they contain gluten.

About Us – Belief Statement

What is HOPE Coffee’s doctrinal statement or statement of belief?

HOPE Coffee is a non-denominational organization. Our purpose is to empower Evangelical Christian* churches in Honduras, Mexico and across other parts of the world, to reach the lost in their communities through project-based evangelism.**

These projects include (but are not limited to) building a home for a widow, installing a water storage system for a family, constructing a roof or pouring a concrete floor for a small home.  The local church performs the work of the project alongside the family in need, all the while building a relationship with them and ultimately sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  HOPE Coffee is excited to partner with and empower these local churches who are eager to serve and reach the lost in their communities.

While these local churches are from diverse denominational backgrounds, all are expected to align with the tenants of the Nicene Creed.   This creed was adopted by the universal church in 325 A.D. and focuses on the deity and humanity of Jesus Christ and is essential to understanding and accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

To read about the Nicene Creed, please visit

To read about the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please visit

* Evangelical church is defined as a church that is centered around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

**Project based evangelism is defined as follows;  churches of varying Evangelical Christian denominations present project needs to our local staff on behalf of families in their local communities who do not yet know Jesus.

Is HOPE Coffee for-profit or non-profit?

HOPE Coffee is a Texas for-profit company. However, HOPE Coffee may look like a non-profit because it focuses on funding servant evangelism projects in Mexico, Honduras and Africa.

Where is HOPE Coffee based?

HOPE Coffee is located in Dallas, Texas.  All other companies such as HOPE Coffee Mexico, etc. are separate legal entities that are licensed operators who partner together for the sake of the gospel.


Coffee Needs

How much coffee do we need for our organization?

A good place to start would be to assume one 6 oz cup of coffee for approximately 50% of your attendees.  Then you can use our Measurement Suggestions to help determine how much coffee, and which products will work best for your brewing system.


Our staff would be happy to help you determine your coffee needs. Just contact

Which products would work the best for our coffee brewers?

We have many different products and sizes that are sure to work well with your brewing system.  Our 2.5 oz bags are designed for airpot systems that range from 1.9 liter to 2.5 liter.  Our 9.0 oz bags are designed for commercial brewing systems of 1.5 gallons to 3.0 gallons.  We also offer 5 lb. bags that can be used to measure out the specific amount needed for your brewing system.  A good place to start is by using our Measurement Suggestions.  Our staff would also be happy to help you determine your coffee needs. You can contact us at

Pricing and Discounts

How much does HOPE Coffee cost?

HOPE Coffee comes in multiple bag sizes, which vary in price. You can view each of these prices in the HOPE Coffee store.

Do you give discounts to churches and non-profits?

Yes, we do!  Find out more about discounts for your organization by selecting an option under “Serve HOPE In Your Organization” on our homepage, or at

We are a very small church. Can we partner with you?

Yes, you can! In fact, we can even offer you a discount through our HOPE Partner program.

We are a large church that provides coffee and has a full coffee shop with espresso drinks. Can we partner with you?

Yes, you can! We serve churches of all sizes and have products to fit all sizes of coffee brewers, as well as a great espresso blend for espresso machines.  Find out more about our discount programs for churches!

Do you supply coffee to coffee shops?

Yes, we do! If you are a coffee shop, we would be happy to set you up with a significant discount for your coffee and espresso orders. Find out more about how we can serve you through our Coffee Shops and Cafes program!

Can for-profit businesses receive a HOPE Partner discount?

Yes! We want to make coffee easy for businesses!  We have discount programs for Offices, Retail Stores and even Coffee Shops.

How to log-in to your online store to receive my HOPE Partner Discount?

If you have already received your HOPE Partner login information, check out how you can partner with HOPE Coffee and receive a discount on all of your online orders!

If you do have your HOPE Coffee login information, view this step-by-step guide to logging in!

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy seriously and will take all measures to protect your personal information. Any personal information received will only be used to fill your order, send product and impact updates, and communicate with you our customer / partner. We will not sell or redistribute your information to anyone not related to HOPE Coffee. In accordance with the European General Data Privacy Regulations (GDPR), you have the right to access your data in our system. Please contact us at if you would like a copy of your information.

Do you have any other questions? You can contact us at Thank you for considering partnering with us!