History of HOPE Coffee

HOPE Coffee is a coffee company with a heart for missions.  We started as a ministry to coffee farmers and the families who live in their communities.  To this day, our focus is still to share the love of Jesus and improve the lives of people throughout Central America.  

Cultivadores del Reino

Coffee beans from the Co-op Cultivadores del Reino drying in the Honduran sun in 2002.

In 2002 Ebenezer church in Siguatepeque, Honduras wanted to minister to the coffee farmers in their area.  They not only wanted to share the gospel with them, but also wanted to help them receive higher prices for their high-quality coffee.  Forming a co-op of coffee farmers they called Cultivadores del Reino (Kingdom Growers), they began the Direct Trade Relationship we still have with coffee farmers to this day.  At this time, their coffee was sold within Honduras.

HOPE Coffee product line in 2011.

Years later in 2009, a missionary in this same region of Honduras noticed how members of U.S. churches who visited Honduras on short term mission trips wanted a “piece” of Honduras to take back with them as a souvenir. Because one of the most sought after souvenirs was Honduran coffee, this missionary began to connect these churches to these same farmers.  “HOPE Coffee” provided a flavorful souvenir, and the profits began to fund servant-evangelism projects throughout the region.  These projects were all initiated and led by Honduran churches, which is still the case today.  From the very beginning, HOPE Coffee strives to encourage and empower the local church.

A new roof for a family in Honduras. One of the first HOPE Coffee service projects.

In that same year God allowed the profits from the sale of HOPE Coffee to meet the needs of water and shelter for over 30 families.  Through these projects the Honduran churches were able to share the gospel story with many families.  Approximately 20 people trusted in Christ that first year alone!

The unique nature of this new mission attracted a team of missionaries who were working in the United States.  Together with wisdom and direction from God, these stateside missionaries were able to bring the details of this new Business-as-Missions together.  In 2010, the same great HOPE Coffee once found only in Honduras could now be purchased in the United States.

Coffee that builds homes for widows

Anna, a widow in Honduras, and her children were the first family to receive a home from HOPE Coffee and her local church. She now trusts in Jesus!

Because of the new partnership with U.S organizations who were beginning to purchase HOPE Coffee, the Honduran church was able to reach even more families with the gospel.  That year HOPE Coffee funded the following projects, which lead to 3 more people accepting Christ!

  • 1 new home for a widow
  • 2 kitchens created for single mothers with children
  • 1 stove built for a family of eight
  • 10 new roofs installed
  • 8 new floors poured

Each year since HOPE Coffee started, our impact has grown and more and more people choose to trust in Jesus.  You can learn more about these service evangelism projects over the years by browsing our yearly Impact Reports.


HOPE Coffee has continued to grow, not only by partnering with organizations across the United States, but also in ministry.  Profits from HOPE Coffee now fund mission projects throughout Honduras, Mexico, Guatemala and even parts of Africa through our partnership with Compassion Tea.

We hope that you will join us in our next chapter!

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