A Coffee That Serves Its Farmers

A Coffee That Serves Its Farmers

Siguatepeque, Honduras—When coffee berries are ripe, coffee pickers like Victor Portillo work diligently—often on steep hillsides in rainy and cool climates. Coffee picking requires long days and can be physically exhausting. If a coffee picker like Victor were to get sick, he would be unable to work and therefore unable to provide for his family.  

When Rodimiro, one of the coffee farmers who grows our Honduran line of HOPE Coffee, asked if we could provide protective gear for Victor and 39 of his pickers, we jumped at the chance to be able to serve and share the gospel with the hard-working people who are a crucial part of HOPE Coffee.

Recently, an individual from a HOPE Partner church made a direct donation to help fund a project through the HOPE Coffee Service Project Fund. Together with their generous donation, we were able to provide Victor and each coffee picker with a protective poncho and a sturdy pair of rubber boots to use during picking season. After the ponchos and boots were distributed, Rodimiro shared the gospel message with all 40 pickers. In addition to the protective gear, the coffee pickers each received a valuable gift—a Bible of their very own. The Bibles and gospel message were well received. Victor was especially grateful and responded by saying,“I’ve waited a long time for a Bible.”

Because you chose HOPE Coffee, the people who pick your coffee beans now have Bibles of their very own. Please pray with us that God would cause the seed planted in their hearts to grow.  Also, help us celebrate the Honduran farmers and pickers who grow HOPE Coffee with 10% off all Honduran Roast Coffee this month!

When we say we know where our coffee comes from, we really mean it. We care about each person involved in getting HOPE Coffee into your home, and that begins with our relationship with the farmers and pickers like Rodimiro and Victor who grow and harvest your coffee.

Want to know more about our relationship with the farmers who grow your coffee?  Read more about our Direct Trade relationship!

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  • A Coffee That Serves Its Farmers
  • A Coffee That Serves Its Farmers
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