6 New Believers in Honduras

Pacayal, Honduras – Two pastors of the church Dios es Amor (“God is Love”) had it on their hearts to bring the Good News to Pacayal, a small, poverty-stricken community in rural Honduras. While making plans to visit the community, they received a call from HOPE Coffee National Ministry Leader, Pastor Carlos Ramos. Pastor Carlos called to ask one question—would they be interested in partnering with HOPE Coffee to bring the gospel message to Pacayal?

The pastors from Dios es Amor were stunned. Only God could have orchestrated this. The three pastors, knowing God was at work, began to work out a plan. On a Sunday last month, they took the trip out to Pacayal, eager to see what God had in store.

They didn’t arrive empty-handed. They brought enough groceries to feed thirty families, a gift that was much needed by many of the families in Pacayal. But inarguably, the most precious gift they delivered was the message of salvation.

God indeed had good plans that day. After the pastors passed out the food and shared the gospel message, six people decided to follow Jesus!

Please praise God with us for our new brothers and sisters in Christ: Otonial, Angel, Benito, Waldina, Obedindo, and Lester. And for a God who has good plans in store and uses pastors, prayers, and a simple cup of coffee to bring many to salvation.

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