How can a POS system help increase our sales?

When we opened our first coffee shop, I knew nothing about POS systems. Thankful my business partner understood them and helped set up our first one.  We were small and wanted to save money and so we selected one of the Apple / IOS based app POS systems.  It was easy to use, although the options were limited.  The limiting and crippling factor with that POS system was that it was iPad based.  Whenever Apple would release an update, our staff was prompted to update the iPad even though the POS system wasn’t ready to operate on that version of the update.  In the end, we limped along, but we were hoping to find something better.

A few years later, when we were planning our second location, we were determined to find a better solution.  After researching and testing, we finally landed on Toast.  I could not be happier. While it doesn’t do everything that we would want it to do, it was a vast improvement over the previous iPad-based system.

Toast offers several features that allow us to compete with the corporate brands without spending a huge budget.  The Toast online ordering / app ordering function allows us to not only showcase images of our drinks, but it allows customers to order ahead and our team to fit these drinks in the queue so that all our customers are served well.  We have utilized their gift card system which allows our team to sell both e-gift cards and physical gift cards. These have been great revenue boosters as people buy them as teacher appreciation gifts or for family and friend’s birthdays, anniversaries, or just to brighten someone’s day.  The Toast system also functions offline, which is a life-saver in a coffee shop. On occasion the Internet provider’s system will go down, but Toast will allow your team to keep taking orders and serving customers.

While the initial capital investment is more than an iPad-based system, the Toast system and hardware is well worth the investment. Anytime our team has had an issue, their chat or phone support team has been able to quickly help us solve those problems.  We highly recommend that you consider Toast for your coffee shop.

*Full Disclosure. The links provided above are referral links in which HOPE Coffee will receive a financial bonus from Toast should your establishment sign up through this link.