The Puq Press

Increased speed equals increased opportunity with The Puq Press.

Puq Press Coffee Shop Tamper

A few years ago, as we were preparing to open our second coffee shop, I took a class at the Texas Coffee School.  In that class, I observed a piece of equipment that would solve several staff training issues and one operational issue.

The issue?  Consistent and level tamping of espresso into the portafilter. One of the most important parts of pulling a quality draw is a tightly packed, even espresso puck. Maintaining a consistently perfect tamp throughout the day is difficult for any barista, let alone across multiple team members.

Puq Press Coffee Tamper Coffee Shop Tips

The solution?  A simple automatic tamper device called The Puq Press. After grinding the espresso into the portafilter, our team member simply places the portafilter onto the forks and waits 2 seconds.  During those 2 seconds, The Puq Press automatically tamps the espresso with the correct pressure into a perfectly level puck ready to pull the perfect espresso shot.

This simple device has certainly allowed our team to increase the quality and consistency of each espresso shot. However, it has also allowed us to decrease the amount of time it takes to create our customer’s drink.  The faster your team makes a drink, the more drinks per hour they can create.  This ultimately means that you can serve more customers per hour with fewer employees and lower labor costs. 

The Puq Press makes it possible for your team to generate more profit for your coffee shop while consistently serving quality espresso based drinks. For more information on this and other products for your coffee shop, contact HOPE Coffee’s sister company, Shiloh Coffee Supply.