Iced and Frozen Drinks

Iced and Frozen Drinks for Coffee Shops

When you think about owning and running a coffee shop, your initial focus is on the espresso machine, lattes, and latte art. Have you considered iced and frozen drinks, though? These very profitable items will likely make up 20%-30% of your sales.

Iced lattes are simple to create and easy to implement with good procedures.  You will need ice from an ice machine or bags of ice. Fill the cup half way with ice.  Pour milk over the ice leaving about 3 oz. of room at the top of the cup.  The key step is to add the syrups to the hot espresso, and then stir or whisk the syrups and espresso so that it is well mixed before pouring it over the iced milk.

Blended or frozen lattes require ice, milk, espresso, and syrups plus an emulsifier that will bond the milk to the ice and create the creamy texture of a frozen latte.  When all those ingredients are added to a high-powered commercial blender (similar to the Blendtec Stealth), the result is very satisfying and visually appealing when you top it with whip and drizzle.

For more ideas on seasonal iced and frozen drinks, visit HOPE Coffee Sunnyvale’s Menu! Each season our menu changes to reflect the flavors of that time of year. Pumpkin in the fall, coconut in the summer, peppermint and cinnamon in winter. Not only will your customers be looking for these flavors, but the change in the menu will maintain excitement each time they return.