Music that Matches Your Coffee Shop

If you love to people watch, then sitting in a coffee shop and observing the customers is particularly interesting.  One common theme is that many of the people are wearing earbuds and listening to their favorite flavor of music while they work or read.

When we launched our first coffee shop, I was naïve enough to think that I could just plug in my favorite lists from Pandora or Spotify and people would thank me for providing such a wonderful playlist.  Little did I know that I was breaking the law until one of my employees pointed out the law that requires commercial establishments to either use systems that pay royalties to the songwriters or to use royalty free music or live radio stations.  And so began my “education”.  Someone once said that if you look at your “mistakes” as “tuition”, then it is easier to accept the spent costs as long as you learn from them.  I hope that you too can learn from our “tuition” and perhaps save yourself some of the sunk costs.

In our first coffee shop, we didn’t make enough profit to even afford the low cost commercial options and so we choose to go the unique route of streaming the royalty free jazz or classical music option from Public Domain Radio.

In our second coffee shop, we wanted to set a particular vibe.  One of our team members researched and tested three or four of the well-known commercial streaming companies.  She found that only one company called Jukeboxy would allow us to create a Spotify list, import the majority of that music into their system and allow us to play our own playlist to set the vibe for our coffee shop.  We ended up getting their Jukeboxy player and connected it into our sound system at our coffee shops.  We highly recommend using Jukeboxy to set the tone that matches your coffee shop.

If you want to play our particular vibe, you can search Spotify for HOPE Coffee Playlist and then import it into your Jukeboxy account by emailing their team.