Tea and Other Coffee Alternatives

All coffee shops serve coffee, but not all coffee shops expand their menu beyond coffee to tea and other coffee alternatives. It may seem unnecessary to add non-coffee drinks to your menu, but by doing this, your customer base and sales will increase significantly. Not only are you opening your doors to non-coffee drinkers, but you are also extending a warm welcome to families with children who desire kid-friendly options. Once these customers experience delicious non-coffee drinks, word will spread, and sales will increase.

The following are the non-coffee drinks we currently offer on a regular basis at our HOPE Coffee Sunnyvale location: *Compassion Tea, tea lemonades, London fogs, cinnamon orange spice tea lattes, specialty hot chocolates, milkshakes, fruit smoothies, and blue and green matcha.

We serve both iced and hot tea, and we have several different tea options to accommodate a variety of preferences. It is important to provide both caffeinated teas and decaf teas. We serve black teas, green teas, white teas, and herbal teas. Our customers are very grateful for the wide selection!

We also serve a few different tea lemonades. Our most popular is our Peach Strawberry Tea Lemonade. Additionally, our two most popular tea lattes (The London Fog and Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea Latte) are served hot, iced, and frozen. Next, we serve hot chocolate and add additional flavors on a seasonal basis.

We also serve multiple flavors of milkshakes, which are a hit for our younger audience in particular. Recently we added fruit smoothies to our menu due to the number of requests from our customers. They are a great seller during the summer! Lastly, we offer both green matcha (made with crushed green tea leaves) and blue matcha (made with crushed butterfly pea flower petals). These are delicious with vanilla, lavender, honey, or white chocolate and cinnamon. Matcha is also available hot, iced, and frozen!

Non-coffee drinks are particularly important when you craft your seasonal menus. For example, when your non-coffee drinking customers notice that you have Spiced Caramel Apple Cider instead of just a Pumpkin Spice Latte and Blackberry Cobbler Latte during the Fall months, they will be thrilled! Now non-coffee drinkers and children can visit for a special fall treat along with their coffee drinking friends. We choose two espresso-based drinks and one non-coffee drink for each seasonal menu to consistently cater to both crowds.

In addition to these handcrafted non-coffee drinks, we also provide bottled drinks in our grab n’ go cold case. In order to maintain quality and aesthetics, we typically fill our cold case with glass bottled drinks rather than canned sodas. We want to match our high-quality menus with high quality grab n’ go options. Beyond glass sodas and sparkling waters, we also sell kids juice boxes and sports drinks. These are great sellers for kids and for busy, on-the-go customers.

When crafting your menu, we highly recommend adding drinks with several different demographics in mind. There are two primary benefits from this. Firstly, it will make everyone feel welcome and served well. Customers notice when you provide their favorite drinks, and this strengthens your relationship with your customers. Secondly, the more customers you cater to, the more your sales increase. We highly recommend adding Compassion Tea and non-coffee drinks to your coffee shop menus.

*Not only does our coffee have an eternal impact, but so does Compassion Tea! The profit of this high-quality tea helps to support medical clinics in Africa. Learn more at CompasioNow. Want to try some of our most popular teas? Order our sample pack here.

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