Cold Brew:
Refreshing and Profitable

Are you wondering where to start with cold brew for your coffee shop? It isn’t as complicated as you may think.

“Give me the simple life” is not only a fun song to hear, but it is what most people want when they start a coffee shop.  However, the hectic nature of finding and training staff, procuring supplies, and making menus can often be overwhelming.  The beauty of the cold brew option is one that provides both simplicity and profitability in a very simple drink.  While it can take 12-24 hours to make, you can refrigerate it up to two weeks, giving you time to sell the cold brew you created.

Cold brew coffee is NOT the same as iced coffee, which is hot coffee that has been chilled and poured over ice.  The process of making cold brew for your coffee shop results in a less acidic version of your favorite roasts!  While any type of coffee can be brewed using this method, lighter – medium roast coffees tend to work the best.  We highly recommend our own Honduran Medium Roast Coffee for a full, rich flavor, or our Mexican Light Roast Coffee for a light, easy-to-sip beverage. You will find that this cold brew method brings out different flavors and notes than when brewed in the traditional hot method.

Since there is very little waste with cold brew, it provides huge profit margins for your coffee shop, which ultimately will help your bottom line.

To make cold brew for your coffee shop, you can use a 5-gallon Cold Brew system like this one from Toddy.  You can choose to make either a cold brew concentrate or a ready-to-drink cold brew.  A concentrate is often chosen for those who will be serving it over ice so that as the ice melts the cold brew doesn’t become watered down.  A ready-to-drink option is often chosen if you have a dispenser that keeps the cold brew chilled which allows for less ice to be used in the cold brew.

To make a cold brew concentrate use one of the following cold brew recipes:

  • 2 lbs. of ground coffee +  1.25 gallons of cold water
  • 5 lbs. of ground coffee + 3 gallons of cold water

To make a cold brew ready to drink option, use one of the following cold brew recipes:

  • 2 lbs. of ground coffee + 2.5 gallons of water.
  • 4 lbs. of ground coffee + 5 gallons of cold water.

Once you have added cold water to your coffee grounds, let it steep for 12-24 hours before putting into another container for serving.  Be sure to refrigerate the cold brew each evening so it can retain its freshness and flavor as you serve it to your customers.

For more information, and even a simple recipe for your home, check out HOPE Coffee’s Cold Brew Coffee Page.