Barista Battle

Seasonal drinks are a great way to create excitement among your loyal customers. They help increase your revenue as customers make their way through tasting all these new drinks each season. Our team quickly created seasonal drinks for spring, summer, fall, and winter. However, our customers experienced “drink fatigue” as they got tired of some seasonal drinks. So, we decided to add a new season, starting in January each year, called “The Barista Battle.”

We split our baristas into teams. Each team creates one drink they believe will sell the most during “The Barista Battle.” Each day’s drinks sold are tallied and placed on a scoreboard for our customers to see. This creates a fun environment for our customers and team members to see which drink team will win the battle. We feature the winning drink as a permanent drink throughout the rest of the year and showcase the last two winners on our menu because our customers love those drinks.

A typical seasonal calendar showcases The Barista Battle in January and then introduces the Valentine drinks in February. Spring drinks often run from March to May, followed by summer drinks from June to August. By September, people are ready for the fall drinks that will run through November. December kicks off the winter drinks that sometimes will carry through the early part of January, depending on the types of Barista Battle drinks.

We have found The Barista Battle to be a fun way to experiment with different types of drinks and engage our team members and our community in a friendly competition. You can peruse the Instagram posts for HOPE Coffee DTS and HOPE Coffee Sunnyvale to see the creative barista battle drinks throughout the years.