Espresso Machines

I knew nothing about espresso machines when we opened our first coffee shop.  The former tenant had left a Verismo 701, and so we began operating with that machine.  Within a year, we had gotten to know the local espresso machine repair guy well as he had to come out often and perform maintenance on it or replace parts on it. Then we hired a barista to manage that location who encouraged us to consider a manual espresso machine instead of that super automatic machine.

We began by researching the common brands available and visiting coffee shops who used machines such as La Marzocco and Synesso.  A friend told me about the Retro machine by Fracino.  We loved the look, the design, but even more than that, I loved the fact that I could work on the machine myself to perform the simple maintenance each year.   We continue to use the Fracino machines in both of our coffee shops and have become one of the US distributors for their machines.

In looking for an espresso machine, you will want to buy a new unit.  Used or refurbished espresso machines can (and often do) end up costing you more time and money in the long run if (when) they break down or need constant expensive repairs.  The espresso machine is the heart and soul of your coffee shop.  It is the one piece of equipment that creates the majority of your income.

Espresso machines come in single, double or triple group heads. Some have steam wands on one side or on both sides.  Each of these choices affects the speed of making the drinks and how many staff you will need.

In fact, when we planned our second coffee shop with a drive-through (which is typically about 40%-60% of your business), we choose to buy two of the two head Fracino espresso machines so that we could have one focused on the drive thru traffic and one on the inside traffic.

We would encourage you to consider a Fracino espresso machine for your coffee shop or restaurant. Fracino, started in 1963, enjoys the reputation of quality and reliability across the globe as their machines are used in over 70 countries.  They are reliable because they manufacture around 90% of their high-quality parts in their facility in Birmingham England.  These machines are designed not only to be beautiful, but to last 20+ years with the proper maintenance.  Fracino also is one of the only companies in the world to offer a propane powered dual fuel espresso machine that is designed for coffee carts, coffee trucks, food trucks or other remote espresso service locations.

You can visit our sister company, Shiloh Coffee Supply, to see the types of espresso machines available.