4 Reasons Why Your Church Needs Better Coffee

1. Hospitality: Coffee has become one of the main hospitality practices in the U.S. Where ever you go, coffee is one of the main services offered to guests. Within the church, we want to show that we are valuing our attenders, members, and guests by providing high-quality coffee. While this type of coffee used to be expensive, high-quality coffee like HOPE Coffee is now available for churches and is priced very affordably.

2. A Gathering Place: Why are local coffee shops the most popular meeting places in town? Because people like to connect while drinking good coffee. By offering high-quality coffee, your church can encourage more conversations and fellowship around your weekend services.

3. Coffee for Everyone: In the past, when churches began serving coffee, they chose to serve the coffee that people were already drinking in their own homes. Before the rise of third wave coffee shops, people did not typically drink the same quality of coffee at home. However, high quality coffee has become a regular staple for many people, including most of our younger generations. Today, high-quality coffee is simply a way to offer a normal hospitality beverage at a level of quality that people now drink and enjoy daily.

4. Gospel Impact: Did you know that your coffee purchases can make an eternal impact? HOPE Coffee gives 100% of their profits to support mission work in Honduras, Mexico, and Africa. Check out our Impact Report to learn more about how your partnership can help bring the gospel to the poor, meeting their needs both physically and spiritually.

How is high-quality coffee made? Watch this 1-minute video to learn more:

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