Project Volunteer Follows Jesus

San Luis Potosi, Mexico—Arnulfo never liked Christians much. Before he separated from his wife, they attended church together but their experience caused them to walk away from God.

When Pastor Brigido offered to build a bathroom for Arnulfo’s neighbors, Arnulfo became curious about this pastor and his church—they seemed so different from the Christians he knew before. This was the second bathroom that he observed being built by Christians for families in his community. He was intrigued by what he saw and asked if he too could help build the bathroom, and Pastor Brigido readily agreed to have him join the crew.

As the building continued, Pastor Brigido shared the gospel with the family as Arnulfo listened in. He even began attending the church services. Pastor Brigido sensed God was moving in Arnulfo’s heart. During the week of July 11th, he shared the gospel with Arnulfo once again. Arnulfo immediately declared that he wanted to trust in Jesus!

Pastor Brigido continues to minister to Arnulfo and is helping him reconcile with his wife. Please pray for his spiritual maturity and that God would restore his marriage. We rejoice with Arnulfo, the volunteer who trusted in Jesus!

It’s because of you that Arnulfo has heard the gospel and decided to follow Jesus. You are a part of this story. Thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee!

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