One New Believer in Jesus

Thank you for praying

A few weeks ago we shared with our HOPE Coffee friends and partners how Pedro Sugundo and the El Peñon Church, along with a couple of other churches, provided a house for Marianna.  She is a believer, but her two sons had not yet trusted in Jesus Christ.

It is with joy that we share Cesar Rivera (on the left) has put his faith in Jesus Christ!  Thank you for praying.  God is at work through His people to move the hearts of men and women.

On August 5th, we learned that Nelly Portillo, who had coordinated this project, was able to share the gospel message with Cesar as they worked together.  As Cesar heard more about Jesus’ death and resurrection for him, he decided to place his faith and trust in Jesus Christ alone.  Please continue to pray for Nelly as he desires to start a Bible study with this family and to share the gospel with other family members who have not yet trusted in Jesus.

This is why HOPE Coffee exists: To responsibly source and sell specialty grade coffee whose profits are reinvested through local churches to share the gospel while meeting the spiritual and physical needs in their communities.

Thank you for participating with us in ministry by drinking HOPE Coffee and telling your friends about it so that others can hear the gospel and trust in Jesus!