From Children of War to Children of Hope

Northern Uganda—Ugandan terrorist organization, the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), has perpetuated unthinkable violence throughout Uganda over the last 30 years. Abducting children and training them as soldiers is among the worst of their crimes. During the LRA’s frightening reign, it’s estimated that more than 60,000 children have been left orphaned, uneducated, impoverished and in a state of devastation—emotionally, physically and spiritually.

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Among the victimized children is a boy named Justin who has lived through unimaginable terrors. Although his life was spared, the horrendous violence carried out on his own village and family left his heart full of sorrow, chaos and hatred.  He had no reason to hope for a better future. Justin is not the only child affected. The brokenness and evils caused by the LRA’s uprising has left an overwhelming amount of need in Uganda, especially for children.

Compelled by God’s heart for orphans, Village of Hope (VOH) works to restore the lives of former child soldiers, sex slaves and children orphaned by the devastating acts of the LRA. For the last 10 years VOH has worked to cultivate healing and hope in these ‘children of war’ by providing them with housing, nurture, education, counseling, and medical aid. The children continually hear the gospel message and experience God’s love throughout their time at Village of Hope.

Justin believed he had no future and that the rest of his days would be spent in sorrow and bitterness. It was when he was at his lowest that Justin became one of the first children to step through the doors of Village of Hope. For ten years the staff at VOH has poured the love of Jesus into Justin’s young life. He was given a safe place to heal and call home. He has received skills, values, an education and the chance to go to college. Most importantly, he heard the life-changing message of the gospel. Today Justin walks as a follower of Jesus!

“I thank God that through Village of Hope, I truly have found joy, love and peace in my heart and have learned to forgive in my life. It has built me to become a young man who teaches the word of God through the inspiration of Village of Hope.”

-Ogen Justin

Where there was once strife and hatred in his heart, Justin now has peace, love and hope. At Village of Hope, children of war become children of hope. They are able to take their new skills and the hope of Christ to their communities, country and beyond.

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