Caring for Local Teachers – The Well at Lewisburg

The Well at Lewisburg
 is a community-minded, missional church located in Lewisburg, Mississippi. They are constantly looking for creative ways to share Christ’s love with the community in which God has placed them.

In an effort to reach their community in a unique and impactful way, for the last three years The Well at Lewisburg has been providing several nearby public schools with coffee makers and an ongoing supply of coffee for the teachers’ lounges. The response from the schools and teachers could not be better! The teachers love the coffee and appreciate greatly what the church is doing for them.

By providing HOPE Coffee for their local teachers, The Well at Lewisburg is not only serving their community in a very tangible way, they are also a part of what God is doing in Honduras, Mexico and around the world for the sake of the gospel!  Providing coffee for their local school teachers is just one way The Well at Lewisburg chooses to Serve Better!

“We believe our mission is more than reaching individuals alone, but our community as well. We are serving the school system in a myriad of ways, including purchasing coffee machines and providing free HOPE Coffee year-round to several schools. We desire for the community to thrive and want to help that happen!”

-Pastor Corey Truett, The Well at Lewisburg

The Well at Lewisburg uses our 9 oz packets of Honduran Medium Roast Coffee, which are perfect for a 1.5 gallon brewer!