125 Children Follow Jesus

Jali, Malawi—COVID-19 has presented unique challenges in remote villages in Malawi. Many villagers do not have the education or necessities to protect themselves from illness. Hand-washing is not a common practice in these rural areas and misinformation about the virus is widespread.

The Passion Center, a clinic focused on sharing the love of Christ in Malawi, formed a team to care for these vulnerable villagers in their region. Led by Pastor Edwin and Dr. Often, the team has been visiting villages for three months providing hand-washing supplies, medical care, counseling and even education for the school-aged children. The villagers have been grateful for the visits and supplies. Many village leaders have said that the Passion Center’s team is first to come give them information about how to keep safe during the pandemic. During each visit, Pastor Edwin ends their time by sharing the good news of Jesus.

It was during a school lesson that the team met Bright, a local primary school student from a witchcraft-practicing family. After the lesson, Pastor Edwin shared the gospel with the group of school children and Bright decided that he wanted to stop practicing witchcraft and follow Jesus. Bright’s life has been completely transformed by the gospel and the team has been encouraged by his belief in the power of God. Pastor Edwin now visits Bright each week to help him grow in his faith.

Bright hasn’t been the only child to choose to follow Christ. During these school visits, 125 children have come to Christ after hearing the gospel message!

Because you choose Compassion Tea and HOPE Coffee, countless villagers now have access to medical care, education, supplies and most importantly the gospel message. Praise God with us for each child who has chosen to devote their life to Christ!

The Passion Center is just one of the Christ-centered clinics that our partner, Compassion Tea supports. When you choose HOPE Coffee and Compassion Tea you are providing medical services in rural Africa and the gospel reaching people who have not heard.


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