The Orphan Doctor

A young Often Banda, after coming under the care of The Passion Center.

Zomba, Malawi— Often Banda and his brother were in elementary school when they went through the devastation of losing both of their parents. They were left alone in navigating their needs for food, shelter and education.

Sadly, Banda’s story is not unique. In Malawi, an overwhelming 1 in 5 children are orphaned, much of the time left behind with no other adults to care for them.

By the grace of God, Banda and his brother quickly came under the care of the Passion Center for Children. The staff at the center located a relative for the boys to live with and also provided them with adequate food. While they continued to serve the family, the staff and volunteers demonstrated the love of Jesus to the young boys. As a result, Banda soon gave his life to Christ.

Banda helping one of The Passion Center’s patients with mobility.

Through the work of the Passion Center the brothers were then able to complete elementary school, a milestone that more than half of Malawian children do not reach. They were also supported through high school and Banda was even able to go to college—something he never dreamed he would be able to do!

Just a few months ago, after years of hard work, Banda graduated from medical school with honors. Banda’s story is one of true redemption. This is the God we serve—a God who turns a young, hungry orphan into a doctor. Banda is now using his education and abilities in The Passion Center, the very place that rescued him, giving orphans the same hope he desperately needed when he was a young boy.

Banda and Nurse from The Passion Center.

The Passion Center is just one of the many Christ-centered clinics that our partner Compassion Tea supports. Because you choose Compassion Tea through HOPE Coffee, kids just like Banda are nourished, educated and taught of the love of Jesus.

“All praises should go to our Lord Jesus Christ for He has seen me through the medical school. It was not easy but He made it possible for me.”
—Often Banda


Often Banda’s story is one of many about God using the faithful service of the Passion Center to change the lives of orphans. The Passion Center’s mission is to join God in rescuing, redeeming and restoring orphans, the vulnerable and whole communities. Just last year they were able to reach over 3,000 people with life-saving medical and spiritual care. They saw 300 people come to Christ, served 314 orphans, cared for 24 child-headed households and welcomed 13 infants into an intensive care program. When you purchase Compassion Tea through HOPE Coffee you support the Passion Center and 7 other Christ-centered clinics in Africa.


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