New Home and New Hope for a Family in Honduras

In a small village of rural Honduras, Heberto and his son, Will, lived in a home that was little more than four walls. With no floor, roof, or windows, their living conditions were dire, offering minimal protection from the elements that surrounded them.

Heberto and Will’s condition came to the attention of Pastor Lenin, a local pastor who regularly visited their village. Moved by their circumstances, Pastor Lenin decided to take action and partner with HOPE Coffee to provide the family with the basic necessities that every human being deserves: a solid roof over their heads, a proper floor to stand on, and windows to let in the light.

As Pastor Lenin and his congregation planned the work to provide the physical shelter, they also shared the love of Jesus. However, the father and son seemed unresponsive to the teachings. It was at that time when tragedy struck.

Heberto faced a near-death experience that shook him to his core when part of the original walls of his home fell in on him. Overwhelmed by fear and uncertainty, he turned to the one place where he had found solace and compassion: Pastor Lenin’s church. After rushing to the church to find comfort, Heberto confided in Pastor Lenin that he felt God calling him there.

Please pray with all of us at HOPE Coffee, as well as with Pastor Lenin and his congregation, that Heberto’s heart would turn completely towards Jesus. Pray also that his son Will would turn away from a life of sin and that God would soften his heart to the gospel message.

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