Meet Job and Adria.

Job Gámez lives with his wife and two young kids on their 12-acre coffee farm just 5 miles outside of Siguatepeque, Honduras. He and his wife Adria have backgrounds in horticulture and forestry engineering which make them excellent coffee farmers. But what’s even more unique is how they show their pickers and neighboring farmers the love of Christ.

There are many harsh realities that coffee farmers face in Honduras, but being a coffee picker can be especially brutal. The Gámez’s have set out to run their farm differently by providing each of their pickers with three life–changing opportunities:

  1. Job and Adria provide each coffee picker they hire with a laying hen which not only provides food for their families but also provides a chance for more income when they can sell the leftover eggs. 
  2. The children of the coffee pickers each receive a backpack full of school supplies without which they would not be able to attend school. 
  3. Each picker receives a water system so their families have safe and clean drinking water.

Before Job began selling his beans to HOPE Coffee, he had no choice but to sell his beans to a middleman for half what they were worth. After making a connection with HOPE Coffee, he receives a higher-than-fair-trade rate which is absolutely unheard of in his area. Moreover, as Christians, Job and Adria feel supported by their brothers and sisters in Christ at HOPE Coffee. They know the HOPE Coffee Team and Partners are praying for them and that we are walking alongside them.

When you drink HOPE Coffee, you are a part of making critical changes to some of the injustices that coffee farmers face in Honduras. You are a part of providing for the Gámez family, their pickers and helping them spread the gospel message in their region. Click here to meet all of the farmers who grow HOPE Coffee.

Take a moment to send Job and Adria a note to encourage them in their life and ministry to the pickers who work on their coffee farm.

“We love being a part of HOPE Coffee because of our aligned spiritual values. We feel the spiritual support. The HOPE Coffee team takes the time to understand our challenges. When selling to others, they buy your coffee and they don’t care about you the rest of the year. HOPE Coffee is walking alongside us.” Job Gamez

HOPE Partner Tip: 
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