Terms and Conditions


  • You will receive a 30% discount on the HOPE Coffee products that you brew and serve which will allow you enough profit margin to be competitive in the marketplace.  This discount reduces your coffee price to an average of approximately $8.00 per pound.
    • By using our HOPE Coffee Honduran Espresso as the base for your all of your specialty drinks, you will be able to provide your customers with a drink they will love and return again and again to enjoy.
    • By serving our high-quality HOPE Coffee Signature Line of brewed coffees, your customers will enjoy a comforting cup of HOPE Coffee while you will enjoy profit margins to sustain your business.
  • You will receive 30% discount off on all our HOPE Coffee Products to resell in your store.
  • You will receive an automatic $10 shipping discount when you order online.  This equates to FREE SHIPPING for all your orders.
  • Your customers will enjoy hearing the story and impact of HOPE Coffee as you share it in your store.


  • Exclusively serve and sell HOPE Coffee products, including brewed coffee, espresso and bagged coffee for resale.
  • You must spend $1,500 (MSRP) per month for 12 consecutive months. (Approximately 130 lbs. of coffee per month.)
  • We understand the coffee buying cycles and so we include one month of grace where you don’t have to spend $1,500 (MSRP) and you can retain the 30% discount.  However, any order falling below $750 will only receive a discount of 20%.
  • To get started, sign up and agree to the online application / covenant at hopecoffee.com/joyfullyserving
  • You will receive a free promotional material display kit along with your choice of a window cling.