Happening Now in Mexico

El Cañon Xilitla, Mexico—Eduardo and Zayda were skeptical when Pastor Brigido told them that his church wanted to build them a shelter. Desperate for a safe home, they decided to accept the pastor’s offer.

Eduardo worked alongside the pastor and volunteers to start building the foundation of the house while Zayda helped some of the church members cook meals for the volunteers. The house was underway, but something else was also being built—trust between the Christians and the unbelieving couple.

After about six weeks of conversations while working alongside the volunteers from the church, Zayda decided to attend a Sunday service. Though Zayda has not decided to follow Jesus yet, her interest and questions about the gospel message increases by the day and she continues to seek answers. Eduardo is open to relationships with the pastor and church members, but he isn’t yet interested in the gospel with the same passion as his wife.

As Pastor Brigido and his church put the finishing touches on this project, please pray alongside us that Eduardo and Zayda would also receive the gift of salvation.

With each sip of your HOPE Coffee, you are coming alongside pastors like Brigido to reach their communities with the gospel message.


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