Eight High School Graduates

Joconal, Guatemala—Before Lan Vwa started in rural Guatemala, none of the children who resided there would have dreamed of an education past the sixth grade or having a career of their choosing. And before 2012, it would have been even more astonishing for a young girl to dream of such things.

This year’s graduation ceremony felt significant to Karina Leiva, the director of Lav Vwa, who oversees two Christian schools for the children of coffee farmers. She witnessed eight seniors graduate from high school, which is truly unheard of in this area of Guatemala. Even more shockingly, seven of the graduates were young women! To see all of these young people break the cycle of poverty through education is a miracle. 

Among the graduates is Yerlin who wants to further her studies and become a gynecologist. She has seen the need around Joconal and the surrounding communities and feels God is calling her to help. She even earned a scholarship to a university. Yerlin would have never even thought about anything other than going into coffee farming with her family before Lan Vwa.

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