Clean Water for 38 Families

Chiapas, Mexico—For the 38 families in a remote village near the Guatemalan border, clean water is a distant dream. The villagers of Nueva Tierra y Libertad endure a half hour trek down the mountainside where they gather water from a salty river. Not only is this time-consuming and exhausting, but it also leaves the villagers open to various diseases.

But that’s all about to change. HOPE Coffee is partnering with Florentino, a local Christian leader who regularly ministers in Nueva Tierra y Libertad, to provide each family with a clean water system of their own. Along with access to clean water, Florentino will share about the love of Christ. Pray with us that God would use Florentino and that many would respond to the gospel message.

The rich, flavorful coffee you enjoy each morning has played a vital role in making this project possible. It’s your support that has fueled this mission, enabling Florentino to bring clean water, hope and the gospel message to Nueva Tierra y Libertad.

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