Caring for a Pastor’s Widow

San Miguel Colinas, Honduras—Argentina has spent the last 35 years ministering beside her husband, Pastor Regino. Though well into his seventies, Regino began the journey of pastoring a small church last year. Argentina and Regino hoped for many more years doing what they’ve always done—serving the Lord together.

As a part of his new ministry, in the early mornings Pastor Regino shared the gospel with field laborers before they started their day’s work. One morning, on his way home from evangelizing in the fields Regino was in a fatal car accident, leaving Argentina widowed.

Pastor Regino’s humble income had always been enough to put food on the table, but now Argentina often doesn’t know where her next meal will come from. 

Many of the families in Argentina’s village also face daily hunger. Pastor Franklin from a nearby church knew of their challenges. He partnered with HOPE Coffee to provide food and hygiene supplies for Argentina and 23 families in San Miguel Colinas.

Pastor Franklin spent three days delivering groceries and ministering in Argentina’s village. Relief and gratitude filled the faces of each family he visited. The groceries were so well received that even the unbelieving families were open to hearing about the love of Jesus!

With your next sip of HOPE Coffee, think of Argentina. Pray for the new widow, that the Lord would continue to provide for her every need. And pray for her community, that through Pastor Franklin’s faithful ministry, many would come to know Christ.

Because you choose HOPE Coffee, you are a part of feeding the hungry in Argentina’s village. Thank you for continuing to choose HOPE Coffee for your homes, churches and organizations.


HOPE Coffee partners with local churches who want to meet needs in their communities for the sake of the gospel. These families in need not only hear the good news about Jesus, but have a relationship with a local church that lasts long after the project is complete!

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