Alex’s Story

Joconal, Guatemala—Alex was in 6th grade and quickly approaching the end of his schooling. At 12 years old, he would soon be looking for work to support himself and his mother. Without a high school diploma, he didn’t have any options—he would surely spend his life farming. This didn’t excite him, but he didn’t have the privilege of dreaming bigger.

You see, in Guatemala the barriers children face to basic education are substantial. Schooling past sixth grade is for those who can afford it. Living in rural villages makes access even more difficult as children might be hours away from the nearest school.

Alex heard about Lan Vwa, a Christian school in the coffee farming village of Joconal. Though Alex lives two hours away from Lan Vwa, he knew he had to take this life-changing opportunity. For the last six years, Alex has travelled back and forth between his own village and Joconal in order to attend grades seven through twelve.

This month, Alex graduated from high school, an enormous achievement for a child from his village. Not only has he received an education, but because of the faithful discipleship of his teachers, Alex dedicated his life to Christ during his time at Lan Vwa. Alex plans on going to college and pursuing a nursing degree. 

Thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee for your homes, churches and organizations. You are a part of providing a Christ-centered education for Alex and his schoolmates, giving them bright futures and the opportunity to hear the gospel message!


Because the students of Lan Vwa are learning from home right now, many additional needs have arisen. Would you consider being a part of providing the children of Joconal with additional educational resources during this difficult time? Grab a bag of our Guatemalan coffee, grown by the families of Lan Vwa.

Want to do more? Donate directly to Lan Vwa with our Coffee and Donation Gift Packs!

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