A Widow Receives a Gift

The people of El Zapote are skeptical of Christians but they trust Pastor Joel, who has served and shared the gospel for years in rural areas of Honduras. Recently, Joel partnered with a local church and HOPE Coffee, to build a pila, a water storage system, for a widow named Lucia and her four children.

Lucia had a pila in the past, but it was poorly constructed and unusable. Simple chores like cooking and cleaning had become extremely burdensome. Though in desperate need, Lucia wouldn’t have accepted help from just anyone—she only agreed to the project because she knew of Pastor Joel and his reputation.

Joel and the members of the church used their evenings and Saturdays to serve Lucia and her family until the project was complete. Throughout their time there, the church continually shared the gospel with Lucia and her children.

Though hesitant to show emotion, Lucia’s smile beamed brightly the first time she used her new, well-constructed pila to wash clothes for her family. No one in the family has accepted Christ as of yet, but they are slowly opening up to the gospel and forming genuine friendships with Pastor Joel and the members of the church.

Thank you for partnering with Pastor Joel and countless pastors just like him, to change lives and further the gospel message!

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