A Pila, Salvation, and a New Marriage

Pastor Joel, who you may remember from one of our stories last year, recently befriended two of his neighbors, Kevin and Kathia. The young unmarried couple works together in the coffee fields in rural Honduras. He noticed they had no water storage system, or “pila”, which can make daily tasks like laundry and dishes very strenuous.

HOPE Coffee partnered with Joel to provide a pila for Keven and Kathia. As they worked alongside one another on the project, he began to share the gospel. In the beginning of November, when the project was almost complete, Kevin and Kathia both decided that they wanted to follow Jesus! 

A couple weeks later, as Joel was discipling the young couple, he helped them make the decision to get married. In the span of a month, their entire lives changed. They have a water storage system of their own, a new marriage, and they decided to follow Jesus!

We believe that God was the one who did this work in their lives through the power of the gospel. We thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee and once again coming alongside Pastor Joel as he faithfully serves the Lord to further the gospel in his community.

HOPE Partner Tip: 
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