Santa Barbara, Honduras—In a rural mountain area of Honduras lies two farming villages—Jololo and San Isidro. Most who live here make their living by working in the nearby fields but are currently experiencing a temporary loss of work. The impact on these families has been devastating.

Pastor Carlos, HOPE Coffee’s National Ministry Leader, knew of their hardships and took action to help. Partnering with a pastor from a local church, they began to deliver groceries to families who were uncertain of where their next meal would come from. The team visited 40 families—ensuring that each would have food to put on their tables this week.

As Pastor Carlos shared the gospel with each family, he quickly realized that these families were not only in desperate need of nourishment for their bodies, but for their souls as well. Each time he shared the gospel he received an abundance of questions about the hope Jesus gives. God was moving in the hearts of the two villages.

Among the most eager of listeners were 80-year-old Adito Tinico and his 79-year-old wife Aurelia. Adito and Aurelia long wanted to have a relationship with God, but did not know how. After Pastor Carlos shared the gospel message, the Tinicos knew that Jesus was the Savior they had been searching for their entire lives. Adito’s face lit up as he proclaimed, “I want to be a child of God.” That day both Adito and Aurelia began their new journey of faith.

The team then delivered food to Adito’s son, Esteban Tinico, and his family of six. Because the Tinico family is currently the recipient of a HOPE Coffee house project (more on this story coming soon!), they had already been hearing about the love of Jesus. This time it was different—as Pastor Carlos shared once again about the gift of eternal life, they listened intently. Esteban, his wife and two of his teenagers each decided that they too wanted to follow Jesus!

Each grocery delivery was met with such an incredible response and acceptance of the gospel message. Truly, only God could have orchestrated this. By the end of the day, Pastor Carlos had prayed with 27 villagers who each made the decision to put their trust in Jesus for their salvation.

A few weeks later, Pastor Carlos went back to Jololo and San Isidro to continue discipling the new believers. On this second visit, 10 more people decided to give their lives to Christ!

God used your coffee purchases and the faithful work of Pastor Carlos and his team to bring dozens of precious souls to Himself. We praise Him for using these difficult times to bring many to salvation! Thank you for being a part of what God is doing—praise God with us for our new brothers and sisters in Christ:


Juliana Gomez Tinoco
Maria Del Pilar Reyes
Rumilda Ortez
Iris Amaya
Maria Alvarado
Dorila Perdoma
Natalia Hernandez
Eymi Sanchez
Julio Dilma Alvarado
Reivin Dario Hernandez
Carla Nicol Hernandez Reyes
Deibi Marizol Hernandez Reyes
Dilcia Reyes.
Adito Tinoco Hernandez
Aurelia Jimenez
Doeis Marlen Padilla
Fany Yulisa Amaya niña
Brayan Tinoco Amaya
Pedro Gomez
Blanca Cardoza
Nicol Trochez
Sobeyda Amaya
Enma Tinoco
Dayana Sanchez
Zulma Hernandez
Nohemi Trochez
Maira Trochez
Dora Castellanos
Milton Tinico
Nayeli Tinico

Send a note of encouragement to Pastor Carlos and the new Christians in Jololo and San Isidro!

HOPE Coffee worked through Create Hope,
our trusted non-profit partner, to help these families because of your coffee purchases. Create Hope sent the funds to three pastors in Honduras, enabling them to provide much-needed groceries for Honduran laborers and their families.  Click here to learn more about how you change lives through HOPE Coffee and Create Hope!

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