Tea and Other Coffee Alternatives

When we helped start HOPE Coffee in 2010, I didn’t drink coffee.  In fact, I didn’t like the taste of coffee.  I partially blame this on my parents who drank Folgers, just like everyone else in the 70’s and 80’s.  However, when I tasted the single origin specialty grade Honduran coffee, I was hooked.  It tasted better than anything I ever had tried.

However, you will have customers who either don’t like coffee or who would prefer a different type of drink.  This is where tea and other drink alternatives are very helpful to have on your menu.  HOPE Coffee carries the high quality tea line called Compassion Tea.

The London Fog is a tea latte that is comprised of using Earl Grey tea and steamed milk to create a wonderful flavor.  In fact, the Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea Latte is one of the crowd favorites at HOPE Coffee Sunnyvale.

You may also want to add a high quality iced black or green tea to your menu.  Another crowd favorite are the tea lemonades made from Compassion Tea’s Green Peach Apricot and lemonade.

In your cold case, you may want to carry a few varieties of soda, sparkling water and athletic drinks.