Student in Guatemala Follows Jesus

Joconal, Guatemala—For teenagers like Astrid, there is one acceptable life path: to get married and have children. From the time she was born, this is what her family, village and peers assumed she would do. She was to attend elementary school, pick coffee alongside her family and then start having children young, like her mother before her.

Then Astrid found Lan Vwa, a Christian school for coffee farmers’ children. She then did the unheard of—she started attending high school. Astrid now has a new plan. She now knows she does not have to choose between a career and motherhood—she can have both! 

Astrid has many obstacles in finishing high school. She walks an hour and a half each day to attend classes. She has battled pressures from family members and peers who don’t understand why she chose this path.

Even with these barriers, Astrid is set to graduate high school this year. She is planning on attending college and entering the medical field which is a venture neither she nor her parents could have ever imagined. 

Her biggest life change, however, is that after hearing the gospel from one of her teachers, Astrid decided to follow Jesus!

Because you drink HOPE Coffee, Astrid and 48 other children of coffee farmers are receiving an otherwise-impossible education in rural Guatemala. Not only are these children breaking the cycle of poverty, but they are also bringing the good news of Jesus to their families and villages!

The families of the students at Lan Vwa grow our Guatemalan Medium Roast. Support their Christ-centered education by shopping our Guatemalan line.

HOPE Partner Tip: 
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