A Storm, A Baby and a Safe Home

Cerro Grande, Honduras—Pastor Walter, from Iglesia Dios Habla Hoy, had heard about an unusual lightning strike in the nearby mountain village of Cerro Grande. During a recent storm, lightning had struck a tree, nearly splitting it in two right in front of a small family home. When Pastor Walter visited the village, he met Martin and Gladys Diaz.  They lived in a mud-and-stick-home with their five children and Gladys was expecting their sixth. The tree that had been struck by lightning was directly in front of their home, reminding them daily of their lack of safe shelter.

Martin labors in nearby fields from sunrise to sundown to earn a few dollars, if he can find work at all.  He was desperate for a more stable home, fearing for his children’s safety. With no hope of change in sight, they did what they could, pinning up tarps and cardboard to repair the gaps in their walls. Pastor Walter was moved by their dire situation. Although they did not know it yet, this was the beginning of change for the growing family.

Along with two other local pastors, Joel and Carlos, Pastor Walter created a plan to have each of their three churches work together to serve the struggling family. 

With funds provided by HOPE Coffee, church members began to build a new home for the Diaz family. As they worked, they shared the gospel and the love of Jesus.

The community was watching in awe. The villagers remarked that they had never seen anyone give so unconditionally. Because of the love the Christians freely gave, the Diaz family and their neighbors had open ears to the message of God’s hope.

When the new home was nearly complete, Gladys went into labor. With no road access to their village, Martin carried his pregnant wife through the mountainous terrain to the nearest road where a church member from Pastor Walter’s church met them.  Meanwhile, local church members stepped in to care for the Diaz children while their parents hurried to the hospital. After driving for several hours, Gladys gave birth to a healthy baby girl right in the hospital lobby as they were rushing her inside!

Soon after, Martin and Gladys were able to bring the newest member of their family back to a safe home of their own.  Reflecting on all the churches had done for his family, Martin said “I have no doubt that God is behind all of this!”

In a way that only God could orchestrate, the tree split by lightning that had been a symbol of fear and hopelessness became the lumber for their new roof. What had once been a reminder of their lack of safety now serves as protection from future storms.


Because you choose HOPE Coffee, Martin, Gladys, their six children and even their neighbors now have ongoing relationships with the local churches who served them. Pray with us that through this gift of a secure home, the entire Diaz family would come to know Jesus—our true refuge and shelter in every storm.


Update – December 2019:

Pastor Joel, from the village’s church has continued to minister to the Diaz family, sharing about the hope found in Christ. About a month after this project was complete, Martin and Gladys both decided they wanted to put their hope in Christ and follow Him!

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