Saving Lives in South Sudan

South Sudan—Last year, intense rains caused areas of South Sudan to see floods unlike any in over 60 years. Among the devastating impacts from these floods is a major increase in disease—most notably Malaria.

The Lietnhom Primary Health Care Center (PHCC), a Christian clinic serving rural communities in South Sudan, has been faithfully aiding those affected by the floods. During the last few months of 2021, PHCC served 4,737 patients–over half of whom were suffering from Malaria.

Villagers Nyanyiikl and Ajak were among the thousands that rushed to the clinic to seek help for their children who showed symptoms of Malaria. Desperate for a cure for their babies, they were met with experienced nurses who were armed with effective medication and the love of Christ. By the grace of God, both children were healed!

The best part? While receiving treatment, God opened the doors to share the Gospel message with nearly 600 people!

You are a part of this kingdom work simply by choosing Compassion Tea and HOPE Coffee. The next time you sit down for your cup of coffee or tea, pray with us for our brothers and sisters serving in South Sudan and for those who are still affected by the flooding!

We are proud to partner with Compassion Tea to provide life-saving medical care through The Liethnom Primary Health Care Center and 8 other Christ-centered clinics across rural Africa. You can support their kingdom-efforts by drinking Compassion Tea, available at

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