Rwanda Children

The medical needs in Ntarama, Rwanda are great. One devastating issue the community faces is a high infant mortality rate due to malnutrition. Newborn Joana was one child that might not have made it if it weren’t for Rwanda Children. Baby Joana was brought to the clinic after her mother died during childbirth. Her family had no means of providing milk. 

In response to the heart-breaking situation of high infant mortality, Rwanda Children started a life-saving ministry called the Fighting Against Malnutrition Program, and now serves thousands of patients per year through this and other programs.  Their mission is to provide shelter, food, medical care, education, and hope to at-risk Rwandan children in the name of Jesus. 

Clinic staff provided immediate healthcare and formula for Baby Joana and have continued to monitor her growth. At two months, Joana is strong and well! Clinic staff continue to provide her with formula and have been educating her caregiver on hygiene, and the importance of immunizations and regular check-ups. 

In Hebrew, the name Joana means, “God is gracious.” Truly, He has already been gracious in providing caregivers and clinic staff to watch over this little beautiful blessing.

Joana is one of 40 malnourished infants currently in the Fighting Against Malnutrition Program. Because you drink Compassion Tea through HOPE Coffee, thousands in this community now have the chance to thrive!

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