We are Ready to Follow Jesus Now

 Santa Bárbara, HondurasRigo, a bricklayer, and his wife have 3 kids—the youngest with special needs. Because of the expensive medical needs for their son, Rigo had no choice but to sell his trade tools last year. Without these tools, he had no means to provide for his family.

Desperate to make ends meet, Rigo turned to begging in the streets. When Pastor Carlos met Rigo and heard his story, he found the situation so desperate and depressing he said, “The only one who can help this family is God.”

Pastor Carlos’ church began to serve this family.. They brought over groceries and supplies for their son. Rigo’s family watched as church members served them selflessly and  became interested in the Gospel message and even started attending church.

During one visit with Rigo’s family, Pastor Carlos and members from the church presented to them a life-changing gift—a brand new set of tools! They had even set him up with his next job! Rigo was overjoyed to be able to work again.

One Sunday after church, Rigo and his wife approached the pastor with many questions. After a lengthy conversation, Rigo said, “We are ready to follow Jesus now, what do we have to do?” Pastor Carlos and his wife were humbled to lead them in becoming followers of Jesus.

Just like Pastor Carlos said at the beginning of this story, we too believe that only God could have done this for this family. It was a desperate situation, but we serve a God who cares deeply about the impoverished and lowly among us.

And we thank you, HOPE Partners, for caring about what God cares about. You partnered with Pastor Carlos’ church in providing for this family! Because you drink HOPE Coffee, Rigo has steady work again. He is able to provide for his family. And last but not least, he and his wife are walking with the Lord in the context of a loving church community. Rigo’s family still has many needs that we as their extended church family can pray for, but right now we are simply praising God that their entire lives have been transformed by the power of the Gospel.

Send a note of encouragement to Pastor Carlos as he continues to minister to Rigo and his family!

HOPE Partner Tip: 
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