Pour Over Brewing Guide: The V60 Method

Pour Over Brewing Guide: The V60 Method

So you’re wondering how to make pour over coffee? Designed to extract maximum flavor, the pour over method has become increasingly popular. We paired a V60 coffee dripper with HOPE Coffee Mexican Light Roast and what followed was an incredibly smooth and bright cup of coffee.

What you’ll need:

-A V60 dripper (or your pour over dripper of choice)

-Filter compatible with your preferred dripper

Mexican Light Roast (Whole bean)



-Food scale

Your favorite HOPE Coffee mug!

Setting Up:

-Set V60 dripper over your mug.

-Place filter in V60 dripper.

-Pour hot water in the filter and allow it to drip through. (This will not only rinse your filter of any paper residue but also gets your dripper and mug warmed and ready to brew.)


-Grind 20 grams (about 1 ½ Tablespoons) of our Mexican Light Roast beans on a medium setting. Coffee grounds should feel like coarse sand.

-Pour grounds into filter evenly and then create a small crater in the middle.


-Tare scale and start timer.

-Pour 35g (⅛ cup) of 200 degree water (steaming but not yet boiling) over grounds to allow it to pre-infuse.

-After 30 seconds, pour water until scale reaches 100g (½ cup) in a circular motion.

-At 1 minute, slowly pour water until scale reaches 200g (an additional ½ cup). 

-At 2 minutes, pour water until scale reaches 300g (an additional ½ cup).

Let the remaining water drip through and enjoy a fresh, flavorful cup of HOPE Coffee!


Use filtered water. When brewing, always pour hot water directly on the coffee grounds rather than on the filter wall. Adjust measurements to taste.




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