Pastor Luis Serves Community in Tela Honduras

The small van bounced up and down as we drove along the rutted dirt road outside of Tela, Honduras. Our small group stopped at several houses where Pastor Luis and his wife Wendi talked with the families, asked of their needs for shelter and/or water and listened to how engaged their families would be in the projects should the church be able to help them. After we met several families Luis shared with us the following testimony:

We have been reaching out to the community of Tela for 3 years now. We are very grateful to God for opening the door here to preach the gospel. There are many needs here in the homes of people. Some need floors, bathrooms, washrooms, and some need a new house altogether. So we continue to pray that God will bring people and churches who are motivated and committed to support HOPE Coffee. This ministry is supporting many people who are in need here in Tela, as well as many other areas.

HOPE Coffee is strengthening the presence of the local church and we are so grateful for each of you. We ask for your prayers and we pray this next year will be a blessing to many new families.

Pray for Pastor Luis’ church as they are currently engaged in sharing the gospel and serving the community by providing water and shelter needs.

– Brian and Jennifer Masters, along with their three daughters and Brian’s sisters family, visited coffee farmers and pastors connected with HOPE Coffee during a missions exposure trip in January 2015 . Brian serves on the board of HOPE Coffee along with Mark Fittz and Peyton Millinor.