Relatives of Orphan Child Come to Christ



In Malawi, it is all too common that mothers lose their lives during childbirth leaving their child in an extremely vulnerable situation. Relatives often step in to help, but many have trouble feeding the numerous children already in their care and cannot feed another—increasing the risk of malnutrition for these precious ones.


Idrine is one of countless infant orphans in Malawi. Her mother did not survive childbirth, leaving Idrine at risk of severe malnutrition. Thankfully, she had an aunt that was willing to care for her. Her aunt soon discovered that despite her desire to care for Idrine, she simply could not afford to provide her even the essentials.

Children like Idrine motivated the Passion Center to begin a critical ministry called the Infant Rescue Project. They are currently caring for the physical and spiritual needs of 26 families who have welcomed orphaned relatives into their homes—including baby Idrene and her aunt.Over the last several months, Idrine has received formula, food and hygiene supplies that she otherwise would have lacked. 

Families receive assistance through the Infant Rescue Project.

Thanks to the Infant Rescue Project team, she is now gaining weight and thriving! These supplies have saved Idrine’s life. But supplies are not all the family has received. During the team’s most recent visit, they shared the gospel with Idrine’s relatives. After hearing the gospel message, Idrine’s aunt and grandparents decided to follow Jesus!

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