New Home, New Hope

Tlaixpan, Puebla, MexicoErika Lopez has the brightest smile. Her three spunky children, Evelyn, Alexis and Axel, are her whole world. You’d never guess it, but they’ve been through unspeakable loss. Behind their smiles is a story of hope and restoration.

Just last year, Erika’s husband abandoned her. After the separation, the burden of raising her children as a single, working mom weighed on her. Adding to her stress, she and her growing kids lived in a six-foot-by-six-foot single room home. Her life was in pieces and there seemed to be no hope of change. Then they met Maricela.

Erika’s neighbor, Maricela, wanted to share the love of Jesus with the struggling mom. She visited the family often and listened to Erika’s heartbreaking story. Week after week, Maricela invited them to her church, Embajadores de Cristo.

The first Sunday the Lopezes attended church, Pastor Ignacio asked if anyone needed prayer. Through her tears, Erika opened up about her struggles. Pastor Ignacio, Maricela and several church members gathered around Erika, praying for her. At the church, Erika felt the same care she had received from her neighbor. The church decided to show her the gospel in action by meeting the need she had for a larger home.

Embajadores de Cristo partnered with HOPE Coffee to build an additional room onto the Lopez’ one room home. This new room, which itself is twice as large as their entire house, would give the family more space and privacy, as well as separate eating and sleeping areas. Though this alone would be life changing, the church knew the deepest need of Erika’s soul was the love of a Savior—a love which they were eager to share.

Among the church members who showed up to serve was a 15-year-old boy named José. Just a couple of years ago his family received a new roof through a HOPE Coffee project. José’s whole family committed their lives to Christ. Jose told the pastor, “I want to help Erika and her family and give them hope because I received hope first.

“I want to help Erika and her family and give
them hope because I received hope first.”

The church continued to serve the family, while sharing the gospel and praying for them. While the house was under construction, the entire Lopez family decided to give their lives to Jesus. Because you chose HOPE Coffee, Erika and her children have a new home and an eternal hope.  They also now have a loving, generous church community to call their own.

The coffee you drink every day is making an eternal difference. HOPE Coffee partners with churches, funding life-changing projects so that families like the Lopezes can hear about Jesus. Thank you for being a part of what God is doing through HOPE Coffee.

Send a note of encouragement to Pastor Ignacio and the church members who continue to minister to Erika and her children as they begin their journey with God!

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