Mission Cold Brew

Mission Cold Brew

Fall River, Massachusetts—A passion for great-tasting cold brew coffee and the desire to change people’s lives in the name of Jesus led Mike and Sarah Pudlo to ask the question, “What if we actually created a place where a cup of coffee or tea really could change someone’s life?”

Mike and Sarah have served HOPE Coffee at Journey Church for years. They even used HOPE Coffee to create a delicious cold brew recipe for their church’s coffee bar. The response from their congregation was incredible—they could not get enough!

The Pudlo’s decided to use what God gave them to change people’s lives: a heart for the world and the ability to make amazing cold brew creations. Mission Cold Brew started with, as they describe it, a “crazy dream” and has grown into an exciting new coffee shop specializing in quality cold brew coffees and teas. At Mission Cold Brew, 10% of every purchase and 100% of net profit is donated to four main causes: human trafficking, clean water projects, hunger and poverty, and orphan and foster care.

“HOPE Coffee was an obvious choice for us! Not only have we been using their high quality beans personally and at our church for years, but their mission falls exactly in line with the kinds of companies we want to partner with. Knowing that every coffee purchase at our shop doesn’t just support our causes but also the HOPE Coffee cause, where communities are being changed–that is huge! Partnering with HOPE Coffee adds another layer of life transformation!”

-Sarah Pudlo, Owner of Mission Cold Brew

Is your organization using HOPE Coffee to change lives in a unique way? We’d love to hear about it! You could be featured in our next HOPE Partner Spotlight!