HOPE Coffee is mission coffee that focuses on making an eternal impact for the gospel.

Does your church’s coffee have an eternal purpose? Mission coffee is a great way for churches to use a regular part of their weekly expenses to support missions. In fact, churches, individuals, and organizations across North America are already partnering with HOPE Coffee in order to spread the good news of the gospel with their regular coffee purchases!

HOPE Coffee isn’t your normal coffee provider. Here are a few key distinctives:

  • HOPE Coffee uses 100% of its net profits to support missions in Honduras. It truly is mission coffee.
  • The different prices of HOPE Coffee are comparable and competitive with the leading brand name coffee providers.
  • HOPE Coffee provides high-quality mission coffee – so you can enjoy the great flavors of our coffee while supporting missions at an affordable price.

If you want to purchase mission coffee and partner with a company that is solely focused on making an eternal impact for the gospel, then we invite you to consider HOPE Coffee!


“When we started serving HOPE coffee about 3 years ago, we received very positive feedback on the quality and taste. And when we were able to share that our purchase was going toward mission work in Honduras, people were very pleased to hear it.”

-Todd Taylor, Trinity Baptist Church