Ministry Update from the President of HOPE Coffee

HOPE Partners, 

I recently heard a story from Mexico that I want to share with each of you.

March 28, 2022 was a special day in the life of Angeles and her daughter Danita. Pastor Carlos Lara met Angeles two years ago in the neighborhood around the church where he serves. Angeles cleans other people’s houses to provide for her and her daughter, but her own house was just a simple pile of bricks with some metal pieces laying on top to provide a makeshift roof.

Pastor Carlos and Pastor David, who pastors a neighboring church, both had a desire to help this family and share the gospel with them. They organized groups of people from each of their churches along with three others in the community, and in October of 2021 the work of building Angeles and Danita a more secure house began.

Over the next five months, these volunteers dug and poured a proper cement foundation, mixed the mortar, laid the bricks, installed the roof, framed the windows and doors, and painted the house. It was slow progress, but spiritual lessons were being learned. Not only was the gospel shared throughout this time, but Angeles saw the love of Jesus from many people.

During the months of construction, Christians provided food for her family among other necessities. While working on the house, one church member noticed that it was hard for Danita to concentrate because of the loud music that played day and night from a neighbor’s house. So they bought her a set of headphones to block out the noise so that she could concentrate on her school work. Danita was touched to see how these Christians cared for her needs!

Angeles also saw the friendships that were formed between Christians from different churches who had never met each other but who were working together as volunteers. This was something new to Angeles who was used to deeply trusting and caring for only those people who earned it over a long period of time. Angeles saw five churches come together to help her family with the need of a proper home. She realized the only motivation that made sense was Jesus’ love.

Everyone celebrated on March 28 when the home was completed. Danita is particularly interested in the gospel, is now attending church each week, and is encouraging her mother to join her. Please pray for both Angeles and Danita that they will trust in Jesus soon.

I speak for myself that I am very thankful for each of you for being a part of the HOPE Coffee story. Whether you enjoy HOPE Coffee at home, brew it at your church or organization, you are a part of this story. God used you to meet the needs of Angeles and Danita. Thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee!


Together we serve better,


This Month’s Prayer Focus:

  • Praise God for the home He provided for Angeles and Danita.


  • Pray for their neighbors as many saw the churches showing the love of Christ to Angeles and Danita.


  • Pray for the churches that are continuing to minister to the community.

HOPE Partner Tip: 
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