A Message From Our President, Brian

I just heard this story and it is just too good and encouraging to not share with each of you. I hope you find joy in reading it.

A few weeks ago, we sent funds to Pastor Carlos in Honduras for food relief. He found that the village of Peña Blanca was in need of food for 75 families. Carlos has been very careful with Covid, but he and his wife decided that it was important enough for him to go. Carlos worked with the local pastor, Juan, to set a date for the entire town to come to the church to receive food and hear the gospel preached.  

Carlos didn’t know that the Sunday he would be in Peña Blanca was the annual ‘Thankfulness Offering’ that the church celebrated together. This celebrated the end of their harvest season where they would give offerings to God. However, on this Sunday, most of the church members arrived with very little to give. Two hurricanes had destroyed many of the crops and homes so all that was given were a few guavas and a handful of eggs. For a day that was supposed to be the pinnacle of their giving, they had nothing to give—much less any food to eat.

As Carlos arrived with the food, the people were overwhelmed with emotion because God provided for them just in time. God provided enough food for every family to eat for more than a week!

Wow! I’m overwhelmed with emotion of what God did without us really knowing the needs.

In the midst of this celebration and time of sharing, Carlos and Juan shared the gospel with the group and three people trusted in Jesus on that Sunday! Two more believers who were not walking closely with God decided to rededicate their life to Christ, leave their sinful ways and follow Jesus again.

I speak for myself that I am very thankful for each of you for being a part of the HOPE Coffee story. Whether you enjoy HOPE Coffee at home, brew it at your church or organization, you are a part of this story. God used you to meet the needs of those who had no food and had very little hope, and He used your coffee so that three precious souls could hear the gospel story of Jesus and trust in Him for their eternity. Thank you for choosing HOPE Coffee!

Together we serve better,

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