Meet Abelardo

Have you ever wondered how we discover needs in Central America? Or how we learn about specific families who have never heard the gospel? We have three incredible National Ministry Leaders who are the hands and feet of HOPE Coffee in Central America. Today, we want you to meet Abelardo in Mexico!

Abelardo and his wife Sandy have two daughters. Sandy serves at their church in Puebla, Mexico by leading women’s Bible studies. Their two daughters, Anita and Vania serve on the church worship team and lead Bible studies for their college classmates. Anita studies music and Vania studies international relations. The love of learning runs in the family, as Sandy is taking life skills classes while Abelardo works on a Masters degree in Economic Development and International Cooperation. Abelardo faithfully shares the gospel with his classmates as they discuss different views. His faithfulness to the gospel also extends beyond the classroom and into the community through his position as a National Ministry Leader at HOPE Coffee. 

Each week, Abelardo seeks service projects throughout Mexico by working with local pastors to identify a family in need. He then helps the pastor collect pictures and details about a potential project that will facilitate a Gospel conversation with the family. After he presents the information to HOPE Coffee leadership, we pray over the family as we ask for God’s wisdom. Once the project is approved, the funds that HOPE Coffee has donated to Create Hope are sent to the pastor. Abelardo then follows up each week to receive progress reports, pictures and receipts. 

Your purchases of HOPE Coffee and Compassion Tea help fund projects for families like homes, roofs, kitchens, food and clean water.

In each of these projects, Abelardo involves members of the local churches so they can develop long term relationships with the families. Most importantly, Abelardo and the church members share the gospel with the unbelieving families. Many are choosing to follow Jesus, which fills Abelardo and the entire HOPE Coffee team with joy!

We are so grateful for the ways Abelardo faithfully cares for his family, church members, and the lost in his community. Please pray for protection, encouragement, and strength for Abelardo and his family, and join us in praising God for our new brothers and sisters who chose to follow Jesus in Mexico!

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