Hope for One Coffee Farmer’s Daughter

Paulino works on a coffee farm in rural Guatemala, just like his father and grandfather before him. When he started a family of his own, he and his wife Maria dreamed of the possibility of a different future for their children.

In Guatemala, public education is only provided for grades one through six. Preschool, junior high and high school seem to be reserved for the children of the wealthy. Paulino and Maria knew they would never be able to provide their children with the education and opportunities that they themselves lacked.

Paulino and a handful of other coffee farmers approached the Leivas, the Christian family that owned the coffee farm where they worked, to discuss their children’s futures. The Leivas already saw their farm as a ministry to the village.  Helping families in the village break the cycle of poverty through education seemed like just the thing God was calling them to do. A few short years later, Lan Vwa was born.

One of Paulino’s children, Dina, has been attending Lan Vwa for the last two years. At first, she struggled with school enough that Dina’s teachers were concerned. However, they continued to teach and minister to her and her family. After years of building a relationship with Paulino, Maria and their children, their entire family decided to follow Jesus!

At Lan Vwa’s annual graduation just a couple of weeks ago, Paulino and Maria’s daughter Dina was promoted from Kindergarten and was deemed the most improved student! Her parents joined her for the once-thought-impossible celebration.

Along with Dina, several other coffee farmers’ children were also celebrating their promotions from Kindergarten, as well as high school. Alfredo, Gerber and Yeanira received their diplomas and are now prepared for college—an amazing feat for a coffee farmer’s child in Guatemala.

We can’t say it enough—you are changing lives with your coffee! Because of you, dozens of children in rural Guatemala are receiving an education, breaking the cycle of poverty for their families and deciding to follow Jesus!


The HOPE Coffee Guatemalan Line comes straight from the farm at which Dina’s father works. He is growing and harvesting your coffee beans and you are helping his family break the cycle of poverty and hear the gospel message! How beautiful is that?

HOPE Partner Tip: 
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