Water and Hope for La Germania

La Germania, Honduras—During the week Rodimiro serves his coffee pickers and oversees the growing of your Honduran coffee. On the weekend? He serves his neighbors in La Germania, sharing the hope that can be found in Christ.

Rodimiro recently heard about the village near his coffee farm with no access to clean water.  Because the lack of clean water was causing the families to face constant illness, he was compelled to help. Rodimiro and other Christians from his local church partnered with HOPE Coffee so that families in the village could receive the clean water they needed.

Rodimiro spoke with the village about new water filters. The villagers were hesitant—they didn’t trust Christians. After meeting with them twice, the village reluctantly allowed the local church to provide the clean water filters. Though resistant to the idea of Christians helping them, they knew they needed clean water. Rodimiro prayed that God would soften the villagers hearts toward the message of hope he was bringing.

Eagerly, the families of this small village gathered into a crowded school house. Rodimiro educated the families on the health risks and illnesses that would remain if they continued using the contaminated water. He demonstrated how to use the filter and made sure everyone had access to one. 

Rodimiro then shared with the whole village about Jesus and the forgiveness that comes for those who trust in Him. While most of the village was curious to know more about the gospel message and asked the Christians to visit again, two villagers were not receptive to the good news of Jesus—unfortunately, they asked that their families not be visited again by the Christians.

Because you chose HOPE Coffee, the seed of the gospel was planted in all 14 of the families that make up this small village in La Germania. Pray with us that God will soften hearts so that many will come to know Him!

Rodimiro is proud to be growing for HOPE Coffee because he knows his coffee is making a difference.  He is able to see firsthand how—through local churches—the coffee he grows changes lives in the communities surrounding his farm. Read more about Rodimiro and our Direct Trade Relationship with the farmers who grow HOPE Coffee!

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